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"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."

My name is Michelle Bray and I am running Oklahoma House of Representatives District 49 serving southern and western Carter, Love, and Marshall Counties. I am a teacher at Madill Public Schools where I have taught U.S. History and Government for the past fifteen years. 

I have two children, Miranda, a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States AirForce and graduate from the United States Air Force Academy and Jay, a junior at Madill High School. I am extremely proud to be mother to these two amazingly talented children.

I am running for office to represent District 49 on a pro-education platform. There are several problems our great state is facing in regards to funding the basic needs of our state. I believe many of these problems are due to a lack of control in spending and a lack of understanding what the needs of the people are in our state. Our current state government has been more concerned with passing legislation that benefits too few, concerns of partisan politics, and constant attacks on the core services our state provides in education, health services, prisons, and infrastructure.

We as Oklahomans need to be concerned about this breakdown in sensible policy in regards to bringing in revenue to take care of our state. We have to change how we address these shortfalls. Our state is in a dire predicament and requires new thinking from people who have no ties to big business or the status quo. I am that type of candidate. I was educated right here in Oklahoma. My children are and were educated in Oklahoma. I believe in our teachers and Oklahoma's public education system. we need to promote Oklahomans for Oklahoma jobs. We need to stop allowing large tax incentives and tax breaks for the billionaire interests within our state. 

If elected, I will promote legislation that will roll back tax incentives and tax breaks that are robbing our basic services. I will promote bringing Oklahoma's per pupil sending rate to first the regional and then the national average. I will work for legislation to increase Oklahoma's teacher pay to the national average. I will work for legislation to take care of the needs of our police and fire departments. I will support legislation taking care of our health services, including funding for the veterans, the elderly, and the children of Oklahoma. I will promote legislation that encourages business growth, but not at the expense of the citizens of the state of Oklahoma. I will support rural and agricultural policies to benefit the local farmers and ranchers in my district and across the state. 

In order to make these goals a reality, it is going to take hard work, dedication, and determination. I am a solid, strong, and focused candidate with a background in government and politics. I am willing to take chances and not be swayed from this mission. Ultimately we need to work together and bring about our goal of making Oklahoma a better place for our children. We can do that by concentrating on Education, the health of our people, and diversified job creation and industry in our state.

Jackie Robinson

Be Heard District 49